N. Shannon Walker

Walk Away From It

By N. Shannon Walker

N. Shannon Walker uring the course of a day, we are bound to encounter problems. Small problems, large problems, and even problems for which there seems to be no solution. Sometimes, after trying to solve a problem for some time to no avail, we become so frustrated that we may desperately keep trying the same thing over and over in vain, in an effort to convince ourselves that we are somehow making progress. Sometimes we become so frustrated that we give up altogether.

The next time you have a problem or challenge that seems insurmountable and you feel as though you have tried everything to solve it, try walking away from it for a while. Walking away from a problem and thinking about something else for a while has seemingly magical powers and will most often result in a solution.

Why walk away? First, it's therapeutic. Go outside for a walk in the sunshine, or if it's too cold, walk around inside for a while. Don't think about anything; just enjoy "being" for a few minutes. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the stress you have been feeling evaporates and is replaced by a feeling of calm happiness. Suddenly your problem doesn't seem quite as important or daunting as it did a few moments ago.

As you continue to walk and think about other things or think about nothing at all you may be astonished that the perfect solution to your problem suddenly comes to you, seemingly out of the blue. Automatically, your mood changes to one of enthusiasm and you can hardly wait to return to your work and address the issue.

Later, you may wonder why the solution came so easily when you weren't even thinking about it. And when you were thinking about it and thinking about it hard, no solution seemed possible.

The answer lies within your subconscious mind, which has thinking and reasoning power far beyond that of your conscious mind. Nobody completely understands what the subconscious mind is or how it works, but it is always thinking, always reasoning, completely separate from your realm of awareness.

Many people believe that the subconscious mind is a channel for divine intelligence or collective intelligence. The solution to your problem may have come to you directly from the Creator, through your subconscious. If that sounds crazy or far-fetched, take a moment or two and think upon it for a while. How many times have you thought of something just moments before you experienced it, or thought about someone just before they called or texted you and you thought "What a coincidence..." Was it really a coincidence, or did divine intelligence place the thought within your subconscious mind to then be transferred to your conscious train of thought, just at the right time?

Collective intelligence, or collective reasoning, is the theory or belief that all the knowledge of everyone on earth, and perhaps elsewhere, both living, dead and not yet born surround us within the ether like wireless signals. We can't see collective intelligence, but at times it seems as though we are able to sense it. And our subconscious minds have the ability to tap into it when necessary, although this comes easier to some than it does to others.

A few gifted people are able to tap into the collective intelligence at will and use it to their advantage. These tend to be successful people; people who always seem to be in the right place at the right time, and always seem to know just what to say and what to do in any situation. Are they born with this gift, or do they develop it throughout their lives? Can anyone develop this ability, or is it reserved for the select few?

I believe that each of us has the ability to learn how to harness the power and infinite resources of collective intelligence if we make an effort to do so. Just being aware that it exists can be the beginning of a fascinating journey into the realm of collective intelligence. We often become so busy with our daily routines that we fall into a rut, and many people go many years without learning anything new or having any unique thoughts. Sadly, many intelligent people decided long ago that they already knew everything they needed to know in order to get by in life. Many people learn nothing and don't want to learn anything after they graduate from high school. How sad, when life can be such an exciting adventure.

Today, instead of just going through the motions, make a conscious effort to become aware of your surroundings and take notice of everything you see and experience. This simple practice can be quite rewarding in itself and you might be surprised at the insight you can receive from seemingly insignificant observations. Everything that appears within your realm of awareness has a reason for doing so. Nobody on earth will have the exact same experiences as you will today. Your experiences are not random; they were planned and intended just for you. See what you can learn today and how you might improve upon your own existence by being aware, curious and of course, always grateful.

N. Shannon Walker
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