N. Shannon Walker

Look For What You Want to Find

By N. Shannon Walker

N. Shannon Walker like to put ground cinnamon in my tea and I always keep a container of it here in my studio. Earlier this week I used the last of the cinnamon in the container I had, and since the store was out of the little plastic shake bottles that I usually buy, I bought the kind that comes in a square metal can.

Since I move about quite a bit during the course of the day, I'm always trying to remember where I left the container of cinnamon. This morning I just couldn't seem to find it. I have a workbench out in my shop which I'm afraid is rather cluttered, something I've been working to improve upon, and I often leave the cinnamon there.

I stood in front of the workbench looking for the cinnamon, and just as I was about to give up the hope of finding it I remembered that I had purchased a new container and that it was a metal can, not a plastic bottle. As soon as I had this thought, the container of cinnamon immediately came into my view right where I had been looking, literally two feet in front of my face. It was there the whole time but I had been looking for something else and therefore I did not see it.

This little experience reminded me that everything we need and want is already here, often right in front of us, though it can be in a different form than what we might imagine it to be. If we are not looking for what we want we will not find it, no matter how hard we look. Be clear in your thoughts as to exactly what it is you want to find, and find it you will.

N. Shannon Walker
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