N. Shannon Walker

Achieving the Alpha State

By N. Shannon Walker

N. Shannon Walker hen your mind is in the alpha state, your subconscious mind is much more receptive to what your conscious mind is suggesting. In the alpha state it seems as though you lose track of time. Actually you don't lose track of it, it simply loses it's meaning much in the same way as when you're watching an enjoyable movie. And in the alpha state your thoughts are much more vivid and realistic. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination because universally they are actually the same thing. When you are in the alpha state you can begin to create the reality of your life beginning with your imagination and the thought waves that are generated by the subconscious mind.

To quickly enter an alpha state, sit or lie comfortably in a quiet place and clear your mind of all thoughts. This can be difficult at first because thoughts will constantly pop into your mind like noisy monkeys each clamoring for attention. Gently push these thoughts away and concentrate on breathing slowly and relaxing completely. Feel as though your eyes are looking upwards into the front part of your brain and keep your focus there as you remain aware of your breathing. With a little practice you can achieve an alpha state in less than a minute.

Once your mind is in the alpha state, begin to imagine the reality that you want to create. Feel as though you are living the life you want to live right now and be grateful for your happiness, your health, and the things you have. The more realistic it seems, the more powerful your thoughts are.

Remain in the alpha state for as long as you wish. Your mind will let you know when it's time to return to your beta state, which is where you'll need to be to go about your daily work. Return to the alpha state as many times during the day as you like and watch the changes begin in your life.

N. Shannon Walker
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